People are always asking what kind of cameras I use, so I thought I’d put together a list of my most commonly used gear. This isn’t the bag I carry when I’m shooting, I’ve recently made a switch to the BodaBag V3 and am eager to see how it holds up to it’s first wedding season. Everything here fits in it though, so its’s a good start.

There’s plenty of stuff in the bag that’s not included below, mostly miscellaneous gear like tripod mounting plates (I use Gitzo tripods incidentally), light modifiers, gels, tape, rubber bands, safety pins, a loupe, gum, a leatherman, bounce cards, polarizing filters, sensor cleaning kit, etc, etc ,etc.

Regarding the Canon vs. Nikon people: a camera is a creative tool just like a typewriter. Having Hemingway’s typewriter does not make one Hemingway. I started with Canon at a young age, it’s just what I know best. As noted photo-educator David duChemin is fond of saying, “Gear is good, vision is better.”


New Orleans Wedding Photographer Nicholas Critelli's Camera Bag